Frequent questions 

Welcome to the official Lightlite store! We’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions regarding the GrainLight series products. 

Where can I download a GrainLight spec sheet?  Go to our SHOP and select the GrainLight product page you are most interested in. Inside on its individual profile description page you will seedownload spec sheetsimply click on it and you’re there! These sheets contain information on sizes, electrical requirements, bulb wattages and other important info. 

Are GrainLights UL listed?  All standard electrical components used in our lights have been fabricated in accordance with UL label regulations. We are also happy to work with commercial projects that require the entire lighting assemblies to be UL listed. This incurs an additional fee per fixture that varies depending on the order. 

What about the bulbs?  All Grainlights work with a variety of bulbs, including LED and CFL energy saving bulbs. Recommended bulb types and wattages can vary between individual GrainLights, so we recommend downloading the latest spec sheet for this information. Individual spec sheets are available on the product pages. 

Can GrainLights accommodate different socket types?  Yes. We supply all of our lights with standard 120V E26 lamp holders. However, we can usually accommodate most other various socket types like GU-24 upon request. There will be an additional charge for special sockets. Please contact us is your project has specific requirement. 

Halogen lamps cannot be used.  

Is local pick-up an option?  Absolutely! We welcome visitors, if you would like to stop by our studio, just contact us to schedule a time. To avoid shipping costs when purchasing online, simply enter the text “localpickup” (as a single word with no spaces) into the discount code field of the checkout form. Shipping charges will not be applied. 

Do we accept custom orders?  We are more than happy to work with you or your designer to create something unique to your space. Custom orders will have their own set of costs and longer lead times. We truly enjoy collaboration as custom design is where we started. Please contact us with your thoughts.