At Lightlite we sell style. It’s our goal to take you on a ride where you feel that you are in the driver’s seat of cutting edge design. We add value to your daily life experiences via unique light design. Help us free light design from this seemingly collective paralysis. Light matters. At Lightlite we feel that lighting is the single most important component of a successful design. A proper lighting scheme creates shadow, reveals texture, defines the tempo and sets the rhythm of a space. Lightlite has a comprehensive scope, from technical plans and specifications to creative design and application. Our services include a design/build approach of custom light fixtures to specifying and sourcing pre manufactured lighting. Lightlite also offers a repair service, extending the life of your favorite lamp or light fixture. Lightlite is a Portland, Oregon based lighting company.


Scott Schiesel, Principle Designer

Informally known as “The Lighting Guy” in and around Portland, Scott has reputation for making things light up, from the obscure (see: double sided floor lamp for FIXPDX) to the obtuse (see: XL 42” round drum pendant for We village) and relishes at the opportunity to conquer new challenges.

Scott is Lighting Certified (LC) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design coupled with a minor in Interior Architecture. Having been in the lighting field for over 8 years Scott has grown with all the newest technologies and latest developments always encouraging a better understanding and use of light.

Lighting has always been his “à l’état brut,” a phrase he picked up from his French wife, which translates to “raw passion”.   Scott gives thanks to his beautiful family and friends for his growing success.


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Our Clients

Little Big Burger

Jamison Restaurant

Boxer Sushi

Journey Gym Portland


937 Condos

Vanilla Wood Design

Blue Star

WE Village

Harnish Properties

Jason Ball Interiors


Address:  911 SE Salmon, Portland, OR 97214

Phone:  503.327.9047



Our Portfolio

Our Services

  • Custom Design

    Custom light design is where Lightlite has an opportunity to add personality to your lighting scheme. Lightlite does not believe in design boundaries. We will build your perfect traditional light, but also enjoy working with more unconventional materials and forms. Lightlite has access to all the latest manufacturing technologies and materials, all of which are located locally here in Portland. Our process: we often begin with a simple sketch or inspiration image. Next comes the meeting with the client for final design development. Once the design is finalized your lighting vision is transformed into reality. Most designs can be completed within 4-6 weeks upon design approval.

    Custom lighting allows you to control all aspects of your lights look, size, color and output, meaning you get the most potential out of your light design. Lightlite is committed to their work. We will ensure that your project is done on time and on budget.

    Call, email or stop by to get a quote started.

    UL available upon request.

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  • Light Design

    Light design and consulting. Lightlite approaches light design as one might a theatrical stage set. Here we act as the director, choreographer and the set designer in achieving the exact lit atmosphere you envisioned, setting the mood on your project. Whether it comes from our custom side or simply pre-manufactured lighting that we specify, we consider all lighting principles. Also, in the pursuit of energy conservation we strive to create schemes that utilize the most current trends and lighting technologies available.


    Services include:

    - In home consultations
    - Sourcing/specifying lighting
    - Sourcing/specifying controls
    - Code compliance
    - CAD


    Email or call to set up and appointment at your place or ours.

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  • Light Repair

    We have seen a lot of fixtures in our day and will not turn our back on any fixture if it has a chance of lighting up another day. Lights don’t last forever without maintenance. We specialize in low voltage pendants, but also work with standard line voltage and many other types of lighting. While we can fix 95% of the lights we encounter, we can’t save them all. If we lose the battle with your light we will recycle its parts upon your approval. Inquire about our in-home repair service for those pesky lights you don’t want to move.



    - $95 Flat rate for most low volt halogen pendants. (Includes new hardware) All other types of lighting we bid on a case-by-case basis presented for client approval. No charge if we can’t fix it.
    - Home repairs $25.00 for the trip and $60 per hour. Typical repair time can take 1- 5 hours.
    - We have a 24 hour turn around for most repairs subject to ordering parts for your light.

    Call, email or come by to set up a repair diagnostic.

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